A little bit about me...

Before living in the U.S., Elena lived in Ukraine before the Soviet Union dissolved. English is her third language; her two native languages are Russian and Ukrainian. 

In Ukraine, she attended two Universities and graduated with three master degrees in economics, law and chemical engineering. Prior to moving to this country, she was an attorney and owned a legal practice that involved negotiating Real Estate and business transactions, as well as accounting services.

Along with becoming a Realtor in California, she completed her paralegal education as well and became a Certified Paralegal in California. Her deep understanding of Real Estate law is an important asset as a Real Estate Professional. Her knowledge in economics, extensive experience in Real Estate and over twenty years of practice in negotiation enables her to provide the best and most complete service possible for her clients.

While she is based out of California, she works with 1st Option Realty regarding any Nevada deals that come her way.